Tulsa Car Show Overspray Update

O f the more than 300 show cars damaged during the 35th annual Pontiac Oakland Convention car show in downtown Tulsa back in July, only 26 claims have been paid so far, typically ranging from $500 to $600.

Organizers had called the show “a huge success,” up until the last day of the five-day event when enthusiasm stalled.

According to local news reports, while the cars were on display, some were mysteriously covered with a spray or film, or some other substance that blanketed the show area and changed the texture of the cars.

"You rub it on top of the bumper, and it sounded like rubbing a credit card on your chin. There’s a very rough texture there without a doubt,” car owner Larry Crider told a local news station following the event.

Adding to the confusion and frustration of car owners was a recent news release issued on Aug. 30 from the nearby Crowne Plaza Hotel, where exterior walls were being painted at the time of the show.

The release quoted the hotel’s general manager as saying, “our insurance company will be taking full responsibility to repair any car that was involved.”

However, the hotel now claims that the release should not have said “our.” Instead, they claim that claims should be directed to Nationwide Overspray.

Nationwide Overspray is handling the administrative portion of repair claims, according to a recent article in the Tulsa World newspaper.

In the article, David Anderson, the company’s office manager, states that between 80 and 90 claims have recently been processed and sent on to America First Insurance, the company that covers the painting subcontractor that was working at the hotel on the day the damage occurred.

Making matters even more confusing, it now appears that a second contractor, a roofing company, was also applying a white coating to a nearby roof during the show.

Overall, about 385 cars appear to have been damaged.

According to Larry Crider, who had six cars damaged at the show including a 1958 Pontiac Chieftain and a 1964 GTO, despite the fact that his cars have now been repaired, it may be months before he will be able to tell if the paint has been permanently damaged.



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