Carlisle set for 32nd spring spectacle

Shining show cars for sale, fenders as far as the eye can see and piles of project cars make Spring Carlisle a Utopia to more than 90,000 collector car and truck enthusiasts each year. The annual event also signals the beginning of the automotive hobby season for most of the country. For five days this year — April 22-26 — Spring Carlisle, held at the 100-acre Carlisle (Pennsylvania) Fairgrounds, will once again be home to a unique and massive crowd who share one common passion: love for all things automotive. 

“What I think is cool about Carlisle, we seem to attract a little bit of everyone,” said Bill Miller III, Carlisle Events senior manager. “There is the first timer and there is the person looking for ’20s and ’30s cars and parts. Our car corral is also a good indicator of they variety we get at Carlisle. Our auction also gets cars from the teens to Ferraris and Porsches and everything in between.” And this year, expect a lot of vehicles in the “in between” category.

“Everyone talks about the down economy, but everything seems to be on par or even ahead of last year,” Miller said. “According to our numbers, as far as spaces sold and the amount of activity going on here, everything seems to be better, if anything.”

“One of the major changes is the auction will be held Thursday and Friday night,” Miller said. “We feel that people have a lot more free time at the beginning of the event to attend the auction.”

By holding the auction during the evening, it won’t compete with the car corral and swap meet held at the nearby fairgrounds during the day, Miller said. This year’s Spring Carlisle Collector Car Auction will also include a special Original Hour, in which cars sold between 8 and 9 p.m. will feature original paint, interior and other features.

Spring Carlisle is the first of many events held each summer in Carlisle, and Miller hinted there are more exciting activities coming for this year’s show season.

“Lance [Miller] and I are excited about the upcoming season, and we think it’s going to be quite an opportunity for everyone in the hobby,” Miller said.

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