We’re giving away a pickup!

After 31 years of use, this 1978 Chevy Series 10 Custom
Deluxe longbox pickup remains solid on both ends. It’s
ready to go to work for the lucky winner whose name
will be drawn to be awarded the Ultimate Garage
Giveaway package that will be displayed at the 2009
Iola Old Car Show (Ron Kowalke photos)

With everyone sharing in the hardships caused by the slumping economy, we’ve all had to roll up our sleeves and work harder. With that in mind, the giveaway vehicle to be included in this year’s Ultimate Garage Giveaway package presented by Old Cars Weekly at this year’s Iola Old Car Show will be the epitome of a working-class vehicle: a pickup. More precisely, it’s a 1978 Chevrolet Series 10 Custom Deluxe longbox pickup.

Chevrolet produced almost 541,000 C10 pickups in all configurations in ’78, so it was a proven unit then with strong demand, and that demand remains strong today among collectors. In fact, Chevrolet set a truck sales record in ’78 of 1.34 million units, or 215 per sales outlet. This particular Chevy was purchased new in Colorado and used for light-duty chores until its owner passed away several years ago. It was then stored until being purchased by Lew Lazarus of Rockford, Ill., for his Collector Cars, Ltd. business.

Because Lazarus is liquidating his collection of more than 500 vintage vehicles and has been a “regular” at Iola from almost the beginning, he wanted to contribute the pickup to the Ultimate Garage Giveaway prize package for this year’s Iola Old Car Show.

The Custom Deluxe pickup is powered by the optional 305-cid V-8 mated to a three-speed (“three on the tree”) manual transmission. Its longbox configuration allows for ample hauling space, which could come in handy for toting around other items that are included in the Ultimate Garage Giveaway package, such as tools, lubricants and artwork.

To be eligible to win the Ultimate Garage Giveaway package, including the 1978 Chevrolet Custom Deluxe pickup, entry forms can be filled out at the Iola Old Car Show, to be held in Iola, Wis., on July 9-12, or online (click here for the order form).

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