Layer of 1930s unissued license plates found on roof

Arkansas license plate collector Alan Dennis, of Mountain Home, recieved a nice birthday present from a thoughtful friend: part of over 60 sets of unissued, early 1930s California license plates found under three layers of house roofing.


Collector Alan Dennis received part of the unissued plates as a
birthday gift from his friend.

Dennis said his friend was onsite when a roofer uncovered the plates. “Someone had nailed the plates to the roof like a flashing.  The roofing material protected the plates from rusting away,” Dennis said. “My friend asked the owner’s son if he could have some of the plates. He gave him the whole box.”

Dennis received 15 plates from the years 1932 and 1934, all sets except one.

“I guess you never know where you might find nice collectibles,” Dennis said.

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