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Q. What is Old Cars Report?

A.  The Old Cars Report is a one-stop resource to provide pricing, data and history on a make and model of your choice. We’ve put our fact-filled automotive Standard Catalog books plus years of price guide values and auction results into an online, searchable, digital database. Just select a year, make and model, and the Old Cars Report will search through nearly 5,000 makes, thousands of models, 200,000+ Price Guide values and 300,000+ auction prices to compile a Report on that specific vehicle. Each Report includes an image, history, factory info and ID numbers, chassis features, convenience options, current values, historical price trends and related auction prices realized. This is the most comprehensive source of automotive content found anywhere.

Q. How does Old Cars Report work?

A. Our database houses thousands of historical facts and values on makes and models. Through a keyword or guided search narrowed to a specific Year, Make and Model, we can funnel that valuable information into one Report that provides all the information you desire. You can choose to buy the individual Report for $4.99 or download unlimited Reports with a monthly or yearly subscription.

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Q.  Why should I subscribe? What’s included in a monthly and annual subscription?

A. If you tried to assemble all the Standard Catalog books, plus Old Cars Price Guides and Old Cars Weekly issues with auction listings, it would cost you thousands of dollars (assuming you could even find the books) and you’d spend hours searching for the content you need. The Old Cars Report puts all of this content at your fingertips — all online. A robust search engine retrieves and compiles on one Report all the information you want to see, right now, when you need to see it. Subscribers can access Old Cars Report any time and compile an unlimited library of Reports in “My Garage,” too!


Q. How do I subscribe to Old Cars Report?

A. Simply fill out the online registration form with your payment and billing information and then create a username and password. The online registration form can be found here.

Q. How can I renew my subscription to Old Cars Report?

A. If you signed up for a monthly subscription, your subscription will automatically be renewed at the end of each month.

Q.  Can I cancel my subscription to Old Cars Report?

A. You can cancel your subscription to Old Cars Report at any time by logging in and selecting MY ACCOUNT, then Cancel Account.

Q. How do I contact customer service?

A. Call 1-800-258-0929 or e-mail customer service at report@fwmedia.com.