One thought on “PAINT4

  1. claude mongeau

    I’m retired and want to learn to pain my own car a 1978 grand marquis gray metallic with a burgundy top, I’m tired of going to garages and pay fifty bucks for parts and $1,500 for labor, the young mechanics if they don’t have a machine to tell them everything, they cannot do anything. I also have one of a kind Sparton II with a large investment, but nobody can tell me how to fix the Nissan 280 Z turbo, cannot get over 45 miles per hour, and it spinets and sputters so far nissan does not want to to touch it, everything is Japanese and have $35,000 invested and jerks tell me, I’ll give you $2,500 for it, I would set it on fire first. 907-360-3570 if anybody can help me.