Tech Tips: Tricks for do-it-yourselfers

We’ve received many excellent “Tech Tips” through the years, from many different readers. In this issue, we’re running several different “Tech Tips,” all generated from one reader: O.C. Kocher of Saint Cloud, Wis.

Mr. Kocher submitted the “Tech Tips” listed here in one batch, so we’ll present some of them in that same fashion with our thanks to him for his generous contribution.

I constantly pick up the free cars-for-sale shoppers from the gas station. I pull the two staples out of the spine, drape the pages over a clothes hanger and have an unlimited supply of free shop rags. The pages work well for soaking up oil.

I mounted a simple broom hanger spring clip on my garage door frame. It holds the touch-up paint for the vehicle parked in that bay.


I recently acquired upright vacuum cleaner bags at a rummage sale for a quarter...

...I cut each bag in half, and now have 12 filters for my shop vac for two bits.

At a rummage sale, I purchased a spaghetti noodle container and a lettuce crisper. I use one for my dust masks and the other for for my paint strainers. I use yet another for my ear plugs. Keeps them clean and dry. Since that original purchase, I bought two more spaghetti noodle containers, and use one to hold my two-inch Scotchbright pads and the other for my two-inch grinding pads.


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