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The largest manufacturer of four-post freestanding auto lifts for the residential and commercial market. Proof positive that you can get what you pay for!

Backyard Buddy Corp.
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The Bossmate mobile work station and utility table is a very unique labor assist system designed for applications at home, at the job site and even in between.  The systems simplicity and utility render it very useful for a multitude of different applications and disciplines.  It performs the same operational task as the most basic saw horse but also out performs the most expensive and elaborate work table and saw stands all at a fraction of the cost.  By the addition of specialized upgrade kits, the system can provide a much higher range of utility and thus will appeal to a larger client base.  The system is very easily transported and stored and is light weight when compared to competing products.  

The real attraction is the overall cost of the system.  The system is very cost effective and is priced to be attractive to the wide customer base it serves while allowing very attractive margins for the retailer.  

The system is extremely strong and capable of holding up to 600 pounds as advertised but has been tested up to 1600 pounds and as high as 2200 pounds with the patent pending cross strap support installed.  

Just add any one of the many upgrade kits and you have a full set of roll around scaffold or a truck ladder rack or a tailgating system that cannot be beat. 

Simply Extreme is the only way to describe this beast!

Car Jacket

– Easy In. Easy Out.
– Total Protection.
– Indoor Use Only.
10 sizes $199-$289 + shipping
Ask about MotoJacket for Motorcycles.
Free brochure.
1-800-5-CARBAG (1-800-522-7224)

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The anytime use, dust free, total enclosure carbag. It zips!
Pine Ridge Enterprise, 13165 Center Road, Bath, MI 48808.
The car storage experts since 1985.

Central Equipment

True American Quality Lifts

Two Post Lifts
Four Post Lifts

American designed and manufactured to strict
American standards for safety, quality & reliability.
Installation Available
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1-800-829-3041 or 316-613-2404

MacroAir Technologies

The Original Big Fans™

In summer, keep the shop and employees cooler. And, in winter, warm the shop by REVERSING fans to move and circulate hot elevated air.

MacroAir Technologies
794 South Allen Street
San Bernardino, CA 92048
fax: 909-890-2313