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The only thing big we bought at Iola was a 1977 Kawasaki KZ200 cycle for my son Jesse. It was one of countless bikes and scooters for sale in the swap meet. There were old motorscooters for as low as $450 and new Chinese-made water-cooled "mini chopper" motorcycles for around $4,000. Now, get this, the Chinese bikes go 85 miles on a gallon of gas! There will be a fast payback to people who buy them and use them.

The reason we had to get Jesse a bike is to keep up with dad. Last week I bought a 1940 Indian Chief on eBay. I have not even seen the bike yet and was already offered a $4,000 profit! Tempting, but I think I'll keep it.

Yesterday, the day after the show, I drove 13 miles to the next town and I must have passed 40 motorcycles. For many folks, the bikes are the answer to high summer gas prices. (To bad you can't heat your house with one next winter).

At the start of 2008, when gas was $3.50 a gallon I was predicting that small vintage cars would gain appeal and value this year. With folks talking about $5 a gallon, two-wheel collectibles are suddenly looking like an even better investment. If you're getting interested in them, check out the ads at

And if you have parts of books for a '77 Kawasaki KZ200 it looks like Jesse and I will need some. He wants to tear it down and do a proper rebuild, which is essential for safe riding.

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