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Phil Pofahl of Kenosha, Wis., had a busy year in 1963. He did some drag racing, got married, joined the National Guard and started a 26-year career as a tool and die man at American Motors Corp. He remembers working in a part of the AMC plant in Kenosha where he put outer and inner panels together for Renault Alliance doors and hoods.
Some wags call those cars “Renault Appliances” today, but for a while, AMC made more exciting models, too. In fact, Phil’s wife Barb drag races a blue AMX that represents one of the company’s hotter offerings. In fact, the AMX is one of the cars that Phil makes parts for today. The others are the Javelin and the Hurst SC/Rambler. He machines a few multi-fit parts, too.
There aren’t many people “re-popping” AMC parts, but it comes natural for Phil. He knows the parts people need, he knows how to make them and he has the machine tools needed to turn them out. “My dies are made to form for quality and consistency,” Phil points out. “All of the parts are made right in Kenosha, Wis., just like the originals were.” He even has a friend who makes very professional-looking packages to keep some of the parts in.
Phil makes heat stoves for the three cars (AMX, Javelin and SC/Rambler) that he then finishes in proper factory colors. With his drag racing background, a lot of his other parts are racing oriented. His “generic” pieces include a billet aluminum V-8 choke block-off plate that sells for $15 plus shipping and handling. He also makes a fuel pump block off plate (also $15 plus S & H) out of billet.
Four additional parts are manufactured. His polished stainless steel fender to radiator bars fit ’68-’70 Javelin and AMXs and feature die-formed ends like factory parts. They sell for $95 plus S & H. His ’68-’70 Javelin AMX spoiler has a polished stainless steel finish on one side, with a protective coating on the polished side. Not bad for $35 plus S & H. His polished stainless steel V-8 oil tube is also $35 plus S & H, as is the ’68-’70 AMX polished stainless steel 4-speed transmission shift boot ring. Shipping costs vary according to weight.
Firesuit Phil’s custom parts can be paid for by money order or with a certified check. To learn more call him at (262) 652-5346 or email

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