Classic Kenworth tow truck restored

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Advanced Brain Technologies, of Ogden, Utah, is a neuro-technology company that develops and distributes interactive software and music-based programs for the improvement of attention, memory, sensory processing and more. When the company’s chief financial officer Brad Boyajian saw this 1954 Kenworth tow truck it immediately caught his attention. The regal sized wrecker was burned into his memory for all time and his sensory perceptions began to focus on bringing the antique truck back to its original glory..
Brad ultimately purchased the hefty hauler, becoming the truck’s third owner in the process. He then began the giant job of restoring the truck to the condition it is in today. Now, with the project completed, he is putting the truck up for sale so a a serious collector can have the pleasure of owning it.
The 1954 Kenworth tow truck was originally owned by Carl Paruchi of Santa Cruz Truck and Tractor in Santa Cruz, Calif. Paruchi actually built the truck. He originally used a Cummins 220 diesel engine to power it. This motor was later replaced with a big bore Cummins 280 diesel. A Spicer 4 x 4 transmission was mounted behind the engines and gave the Kenworth massive pulling power.
This truck was part of Carl Paruchi’s fleet of six trucks, The fleet also included two other big Kenworth conventionals, a “bubble nose” Peterbilt, a cab over engine Peterbilt and a CBE (cab beside engine) Kenworth. All of Paruchi’s trucks painted in Carl’s favorite colors of white with a red stripe. This truck worked all its life in the Santa Cruz, Watsonville and San Jose areas. It was in service up until the late ‘90s, until the time Carl retired from the towing business.
Carl built this truck in his own shop. Design-wise, it was patterned after the Continental tow trucks manufactured in Los Angeles. This truck is complete with pennant line style cables that manually control the boom height and length. This setup eliminates the need for a steady rest from the top of the boom to the truck frame. The winch is a power take off operated from the main transmission, rather than being powered from the auxiliary transmission tower, as many other tow trucks were. Things were done this way because the auxiliary power tower could not be operated off of a married 4 x 4 transmission. Completing the Kenworth’s hook ensemble is a Tulsa 50,000# single line winch.
Carl is now in his retirement years. He lives in Moss Landing and still does service calls. The trucks were all sold. This one was originally bought by Rena La Chance and was then sold to Brad Boyajian in 2001. The Kenworth underwent a thorough restoration in 2002. It was creatively painted in its current bright red color, with yellow graphics and the running gear done in shiny black. During the restoration, the received a new interior and the drive train was completely overhauled.
For more information about the truck’s history or for details about purchasing it, contact Brad Boyajian, CFO, Advanced Brain Technologies, 5748 South Adams Ave. Parkway, Ogden, UT 84405. Brad can be telephoned at (818) 419-9989 or faxed at (818) 993-4990. Send emails to

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