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Making Your Hobby Your Business #2

Bill Collins — — Harrisburg, Pa.
Bill Collins, of Harrisburg, Pa., was an enthusiast long before he made selling “hot” cars his career. After sitting in ‘66 Mustang GT350 in November 1965, at the tender age of 16, Bill caught the bug. “I was a bit young to buy one new,” he says. “But the enthusiasm was definitely there!”
Bill saw “Red Line 7000” with James Caan playing a racing driver who drove a '65 GT350. In a night sequence filmed at L.A.’s old Ascot Raceway, Caan’s car drifted through turns and spun out. “I got hooked,” he says.
Collins says some car dealers are just salesmen, but insists he’s not. “I’m in it for the long run. This enterprise grew out of my own enthusiasm. I was having such a good time with cars it kept going and evolved into my business.”

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