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In my book Kenny Yager is the "car guy" at Mid America Motorworks. The heater on my '89 Caprice cop car stopped working in a massive snowstorm near Bloomington, ill., last winter. The snow shut everything down, so we limped to Effingham with a plug-in defroster and stopped to see Kenny. "Those things never break," he said right off the cuff. And he was right. A half hour later Kenny had fixed the loose wire, checked the thermostat and returned the car. We never had another problem all the way to Florida and back. Kenny knows cars and he knows car restorers.

Now Kenny has come up with a new product for Corvette restorers. It seems that when General Motors stopped making factory replacement rear compartment storage door assemblies for 1984 through 1996 fourth-generation Corvettes, the C4 enthusiasts restoring these cars had to find them elsewhere. Soon swap meet vendors and salvage yard operators were running out of them.

Kenny Yager works at Mid America Motorworks and talks to many customers about their Corvette and Volkswagen restoration problems. When he picked up on this parts shortage, he decided to do something about it.

“We’re thrilled to bring the C4 rear compartment storage door assemblies back on the market!” Yager told OLD CARS WEEKLY. “As C4s age, it becomes difficult to find certain parts and accessories. We knew that C4 owners wanted to keep their Corvettes looking great, so we re-introduced this part to the industry.”

According to Yager, both the early (part no. 608-992) and late (part no. 603-126) styles were reproduced. Both come with GM-correct insulation and foam seals for an accurate fit. Installing them is easy. The job consists of peeling back the carpeting and installing the assemblies with just seven screws.

If you want to know more or get new replacement rear compartment storage doors visit or call (800) 500-1500 to order.

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