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With warmer weather in the spring, a lot of car colectors will be taking their rides out of mothballs and doing a bit of "restoration" before hitting the road. Since I opened my shop, I have learned more about restoration. At one time I thought the secret was knowledge and tools, but after three years in the business, I'm convinced that the real secrets are patience and doing at least a little work on your car every day.

If you really want to make progress with a restoration, set an hour or two aside each day to work on your car. Do something, no matter how trivial it seems. Work slow and patiently. Pretty soon you'll be able to see your progress and by working patiently towards your goal, you'll start to enjoy the process more than you ever did before.

The knowledge will come as you deal with each task. And you'll find yourself buying just the tools you require as you move along.I have an old Blackhawk Tools store display unit with a peg for each socket. Every week I buy five or six more sockets to keep filling the empty pegs.

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