Bolt Kits Designed to Make Engines Look Pretty

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Old Cars Weekly ran into Chuck and Karen Clark at the Iola Old Car Show. Good-looking, shiny engine hardware is what Chuck sells at his business called Bolt Locker. Karen, a school teacher, designed the Website so Chuck can get the word out.

At Iola, Chuck Clark had a number of his complete stainless steel bolt kits carefully mounted on display boards in neat, well-organized arrangements. Nearby were some of his suspension kits, a few electronic fuel-injection (EFI) units he had rebuilt and some examples of parts he had powder coated.

Bolt Locker’s main focus is the stainless steel engine bolt kits. Imagine you’re building up a big-block Chevy V-8 and you want to dress it up with stainless steel Allen-head bolts. You can simply order Bolt Locker’s No. BBS 2010 kit. In it you’ll find four water pump bolts with lock washers, two water neck bolts with lock washers, a distributor bolt and lock washer, 10 timing cover bolts and lock washers, 16 intake bolts and washers and 56 other Allen-head fasteners and washers for the valve covers, fuel pump, oil pan, headers etc. With these ready-to-go kits you'll find it easy to build the prettiest engine in town.

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