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When I opened my shop Gunner's Great Garage about a year ago, I pictured myself spending five days a week, eight hours a day fixing old cars. Guess what? That's an impossible dream. First I have to squeeze in some writing. Then, it's time to make coffee. After the mail comes, there's letters to read, magazines and catalogs to file and bills to pay. Pretty soon it's time for lunch. Then the UPS driver comes by. Between 2 and 4 there's a few "windows of time" to work on cars. By then it is 4 pm and getting dark and you realize you have to start cleaning up and putting tools back. On a good day, the hands-on time might amount to 4 hours. On a normal day it's more like 3. No wonder a restoration takes so long. An 8-hour day in the shop is like the impossible dream.

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