New Product: Headlight Lens Restorer

Headlight Lens Restorer from Blue Magic provides budget-friendly way to restore plastic lens covers that have hazed over or yellowed.
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The days of the individual sealed beam lamps were numbered as early as the Eighties when automakers around the world introduced an ever-increasing number of plastic lens covers to aid in aerodynamics.

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But since then, we’ve all learned that after years of service, the covers haze over, or yellow, and replacing them can be a costly proposition. Blue Magic Headlight Lens Restorer is a more budget-friendly alternative. Available at automotive and hardware chains across the nation for $6.99, simply apply the liquid to the exterior of your off-color lenses, then buff to eliminate the vision impairing haze.

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Blue Magic Headlight Lens Restorer
eliminates reduced visibility caused by
hazed plastic lenses
Photo courtesy Blue Magic, Inc

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