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DENVER, N.C. -- “Chrome-It Super Polish” is a product that delivers fast, easy polish and restoration results on all metals, plastic and more in one simple step.

Chrome-It Super Polish is effective at restoring and protecting a variety of products. For metal use, Chrome-It Super Polish will remove rust and oxidation, restore stainless steel including removing fine scratches and removes the bluing from metal pipes and headers. It makes aluminum look like chrome, including removing the most stubborn stains. Chrome-It Super Polish also removes the yellow and milky discoloration from most headlights, by hand in minutes. Additionally, Chrome-It Supper Polish leaves a crystal clear finish and protects in one easy step. CHROME-IT Super Polish comes with a 100% satisfaction Guarantee and is made in the USA.

Chrome-It Super Polish contains no acid or ammonia. Chrome-It Super Polish is offered in two sizes: 8 oz. and 16 oz. The specially designed bottle features a flip top cap and red stopper insert so the product won’t leak. Directions for use are attached to the bottle. A user only needs to apply a small amount of the product to a clean, soft terry cloth rag and buff the item in need of restoration until desired finish. Let dry and the polish comes off remarkably easy. There is no need to apply multiple cleaning or restoring products or buff for extended periods of time. Chrome-It Super Polish is a one step application and works fast and easy. The natural protectant will bead water and last for months. The product can also be used with high speed buffers.

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For more information, or for ordering, contact:7513 Bluff Point lane, Denver, NC, 28037; call 352-584-8913; or fax 704-966-0348.

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