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Eight states, eight cylinders

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Editor's Note:

People who are interested in joining the Early Ford V-8 Club on their trip to Temecula, CA for the Early Ford V-8 Club's Western National Meet June 11-15 must register for the meet in order to attend any of the associated events.

If you are interested in attending the Western Meet, you should call 760-728-0311 for information on how to register for the meet. Participants MUST be members of the Early Ford V-8 Club of America in order to take part in any of the meet's events. However, non-members are welcome to travel with the club but will not be able to participate in the meet itself.

Ford V-8ers: fill your tanks and top off your oil, because there's a road trip on the horizon. The Early Ford V-8 Foundation is planning a tour to raise funds for the first phase of the Early Ford V-8 Museum and Learning Center in Auburn, Ind.

The tour will bridge Early Ford V-8 Club meets in Virginia and California and provide Early Ford V-8ers a chance to attend both meets with a cross-country drive between. Organizers plan to leave Portland, Ind., on June 6, just after the Early Ford V-8 Club Eastern Meet in Fairfax, Va., which ends on June 3. From Indiana, the tour will head to Temecula, Calif., in time for the Early Ford V-8 Club's Western National Meet June 11-15.

The event is not limited to Early Ford V-8 members; all Ford enthusiasts and hobbyists are welcome to participate. Enthusiasts are also invited to join the tour at any point along the route, which will include parts of Route 66. The tour will stop in St. Louis; Tulsa, Okla.; Amarillo, Texas; Gallup, N.M.; and Needles, Calif.

"You don't have to travel the whole distance with us; you can join in for a day or even a few hours," said Bill Tindall, president of the Early Ford V-8 Foundation. "This driving tour across the U.S.A. will be just plain fun and it will rekindle everyone's love of the open road and a true appreciation for the 1932-'53 Ford Motor Co. products."

To help raise funds for the Early Ford V-8 Foundation, tour participants are encouraged to seek sponsorship pledges based on a per-mile rate. It's an opportunity for drivers to not only benefit the foundation, but to get lots of smiles per mile from a long drive behind the wheel of their V-8 Ford!

More Info:

Early Ford V-8 Foundation tour
P.O. Box 31403
Rochester, NY 14603

Early Ford V-8 Club meets
P.O. Box 2222
Livermore, CA 94551-2222

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