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Foose Terminates Business With Unique Performance

Read more about Chip's decision to end partnership with Texas company

Things have gone from bad to worse for Texas-based Unique Performance, with Chip Foose's Foose Design announcing that it is cutting all ties with the troubled shop.

Foose Design announced earlier this week that it has terminated all licensing and all business activities with Texas-based Unique Performance, Unique Performance Concepts and related companies.

This decision will terminate the limited production of all vehicles formerly licensed to Unique including but not limited to, the Foose Mustang Stallion, Foose Camaro, Foose Challenger, Foose Motorcycle and the sales and marketing of the "Hemisfear", also known as the "Foose Coupe", manufactured by Metalcrafters.

In their press release, Foose Design didn't mince words in announcing that it would no longer have any affiliation with Unique and reminded customers that Unique no longer has any rights to Foose intellectual property, the Foose name, image, likeness, logos or designs regarding any project.

The decision came on the heels of a recent police raid that uncovered 61 vintage cars (mainly Mustangs) in various stages of construction at Unique Performance. The problem is, most of the cars appear to have been given fake VIN plates; other Mustangs in the company's possession have had their VIN numbers scraped off entirely, according to local police reports.

On Nov. 5, police confiscated all 61 cars from Unique Performance's shop and are currently in the process of investigating how the cars were obtained.

At this point, local authorities report that there have been no arrests in the case. However, they believe that the company may have been involved in title-washing, an illegal practice where VIN numbers are altered in order to conceal the car's origin or classification as a salvaged vehicle.

Earlier this year, Carroll Shelby's licensing arm ended its professional relationship with Unique Performance according to a recent AutoWeek article.

The article also states that a number of Unique Performance customers are currently in the process of filing suit against the company, claiming that the auto builder has bilked them out of approximately $7 million in deposits and has around 50 to 60 orders that it has yet to complete.

According to the Foose press release, the designer has worked for more than eight months to resolve issues relative to Unique's problems but ultimately found it necessary to sever his relationship with Unique Performance.

Foose Design does not manufacture production vehicles rather it specializes in designing and fabricating custom built, one-of-a-kind custom cars. Foose Design created the concept for a prototype vehicle to be built under its license to Unique.

Foose Design is working with its legal staff to consider possible action against Unique Performance.

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