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Futurliner headed to Iola Old Car Show

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The Futurliner restoration project is done and the plans have begun for the various requests to show the bus in 2006. The Iola Old Car Show, July 7-9, is chief among those displays as it will also debut elements of GM's "American Crossroads" display.

Over 30 volunteer men and women, and countless donations of talent, materials, and money have resurrected this piece of GM history. At the June, 2003, "Eyes on Design" show at the GM Design Center where the restored Futurliner made its debut showing, Bob Lutz, chairman of GM, was heard to say "You guys are heroes of GM!"

Resurrecting the Futurliner also resurrected its past - a remarkable era of GM history called the GM Parade of Progress. "Paraders" who worked on the Parade of Progress, contributed pictures, recollections, and donations of memorabilia. There were 12 of these unusual vehicles that took the carnival of progress to rural towns throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. While a handful of the Futurliners are still in existence, this is the only one restored to original.

The Futurliner is a massive bus-like vehicle, 33' long, 8' wide, 11'-7" tall with a whopping 248" wheelbase. An unusual feature of the Futurliner is its dual (side by side) front wheels that all move when steering. Each wheel has its own set of brakes, brake drums and bearings. In 1952, the Futurliners were modified into their second-generation form.

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