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Glenmoor Gathering Announces New Features for '08

Read more on how Porsche, rare GM marquees, the 100th birthday of "The Universal Car" will headline the 2008 event

The 2008 Glenmoor Gathering will be held September 12-14 at historic Glenmoor Country Club, located near Canton, Ohio.

There will be two "features" in 2008. One will be the legendary Porsche. On display will be unique examples of the marque, including the only two surviving pre-production 911's plus a Porsche 356 training chassis.

International Porsche expert Karl Ludvigson will be on hand to introduce and autograph his latest book, Porsche: Genesis of Genius.

The other feature for 2008 will be "A Unique Look at 100 Years of General Motors." Grand Marshall will be Wayne Cherry, retired head of General Motors design department.

"In addition to the milestone GM vehicles one would expect to see at a 100th anniversary celebration, we're going to have many of the not-so-familiar GM vehicles, including some that won't be familiar to many car collectors," said David Schultz, executive director of the event. "During the company's early days'particularly the Durant era'there were many makes."

What are these "not-so-familiar" vehicles? How about Cartercar, Elmore and Scripps-Booth automobiles? Reliance and Rapid trucks and Samson tractors?

"Most car collectors are familiar with Cadillac, Buick, Oldsmobile, Oakland and Chevrolet as well as Chevrolet and GMC trucks. Some collectors are also familiar with the GM companion cars'LaSalle, Marquette, Viking and Pontiac," said Schultz. "But not everyone knows how many other cars and trucks existed, including European makes."

The 2008 Glenmoor Gathering will also include these special displays:

  • "100th birthday of 'The Universal Car,' the Ford Model T. We'll have a group of significant Model T's plus demonstrations on how to drive this unique automobile.
  • Bob Casey, transportation curator of the Henry Ford Museum, will be autographing copies of his new book, The Model T: A Centennial History;
  • Recognition of pioneer automobilist Alice Ramsey, who in 1909 became the first female to drive an automobile across the United States;
  • A special grouping of "woodie" automobiles, featuring a variety of body styles from several different manufacturers;
  • Several guest authors and artists will be on hand, including Tracy Powell, who just published "General Motors Styling: 1927-1958" and Tony Sikorski, who created the original 2008 Glenmoor Gathering poster artwork.

For additional details on next year's event plus results and photos from 2007, visit the event's Web site at

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