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Mustang & Shelby Club of Long Island

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Club History

With plenty of help, and through interviews with numerous club members and personal involvement with the Ford Mustang, I offer Part I of the unofficial/official histories of the Mustang clubs on Long Island. Many thanks to all...Perry W. Los Kamp

In the largest promotional campaign the world had ever seen, Ford Motor Company under the direction of Lee Iacocca, unveiled the new Ford Mustang automobile to the public on April 17th 1964. The site chosen was that of the "1964 Worlds Fair" in Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, Long Island. The Mustang was an instant hit and sales of the car kept every Ford plant running at full capacity. Through the years these cars remained popular because of their distinctive styling, performance, and economy of ownership.

Many service and maintenance jobs were performed by the owners of these fine cars. In time, Mustang owners developed an attachment to their cars that was remarkable. In the late 1970s, Clubs were formed as a way owners could share information and help each other keep their prized Mustangs in top shape. The Mustang Club of America was the national club.

Long Island saw its first Mustang club form in late 1982, officially recognized as "The Long Island Mustang Owners Club". The club's first meeting had 17 people in attendance. Frank Macintyre was President and Pat Zito was Vice President. Others in attendance were Brian Brodrick, Philip Brodrick, Janet Loury, Fred Keller, Trudy Montalbano and David Montalbano. Other names will be added to this list as the information comes forward. The meetings were held in the basement of the Salisbury Restaurant 9th green at Eisenhower Park, Nassau County. The first 50/50 was won by Brian Brodrick.

The first club cruise was to Sagamore Hill in 1983. The club had an annual show at Eisenhower Park on the grass just south of the museum. This show was typically well attended and 100 cars were not unusual. I attended the show in 1983. There were all types of Mustangs and Shelbys proudly displayed. Pat Zito had a nicely restored 1965 coupe. Frank Macintyre had a Boss 351. Brian Brodrick displayed a 1964 Mustang convertible.

The Mustang club on Long Island had become a reality and history was made. Many years passed by and the club grew. In 1987, a few members broke from the Long Island Mustang Owners Club and formed a second club, The Classic Mustang Club.
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Monthly Meetings:

First meeting
When: 2nd Monday of every month at 7 PM
Where: Marjorie Post Park
Unqua Rd, Massapequa (Unqua & Merrick Road)
In the Community Room
Massapequa New York
Come early when the weather is nice
This meeting is a club business meeting with discussions
and guest speakers.
Refreshments Served (Hot Dogs all summer)

Second meeting
When: 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7 PM
Where: The Hauppauge Palace Diner, it is located on the east bound side of Route #347 just east of Route #111.
This is a social meeting in a Diner.

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