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The Other Buried Plymouth: Tulsarama II

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If you loved the recent unearthing of the 1957 Plymouth Belvedere in Tulsa, then you may want to go ahead and mark your calendars for the next car "unburial" in this oil city gone "time-capsule" crazy.

The plaque marking the burial site of the 1998 Plymouth Prowler in Centennial Park located in downtown Tulsa.

Plymouth plaque.jpg

Way back in 1998 (Jan. 18 to be exact), the residents of Tulsa decided that they simply couldn't be outdone by their forefathers when it came to the sacred art of burying cars in the ground. So, you guessed it, the mayor and a whole lot of other folks got busy and wrangled up a 1998 Plymouth Prowler from the Chrysler Corp. and buried it in the city's Centennial Park to celebrate the city's 100th birthday.

Hoping to avoid the mistakes made by their fathers, the Prowler wasn't technically "buried," it was more or less driven into an above-ground concrete "vault" that was later covered with dirt. The designers hope that by placing the vault above ground-level, the chances of this car spending 50 years floating in water (remember "Miss Belvedere") will be greatly reduced. Thinking of everything, the engineers designed a "sealed" vault and pumped out all the air before covering it with dirt.

wet plymouth.jpg

To avoid all the messy legal entanglements that the current Tulsarama committee has had to face as part of the "giveaway" contest to determine the owner of the 1957 Plymouth Belvedere, the Prowler will simply be given back to Chrysler when it is "unearthed" in the year 2048.

Old Cars Weekly Staffers Matt Gergeni and Keith Mathiowetz survey Tulsa from the top of the Prowler vault.

On top of vault2.jpg

Oh yeah, to keep things a little tidier in this vault, the good folks of Tulsa were accepting of the fact that we probably won't be driving "flying" cars in 2048 either and will probably still be relying on internal combustion engine, so they didn't clutter up the trunk with gallons of gasoline or oil.

Be sure to mark your calendar today for Jan. 18, 2048, when the next car will be pulled from the ground in Tulsa.

Click on Video Player to watch the burial of the 1998 Prowler.

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