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Unique ways to STOP a Ford

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A popular promotional slogan once used by Ford Motor Co. was: "Have you driven a Ford lately?" Based on the content of these photos supplied by long-time Old Cars contributor Matt McLaughlin of Arkdale, Wis., a revised slogan could read: "Have you stopped a Ford lately?"

Selected from McLaughlin's extensive collection of accident reports, this group of Ford cars and trucks found interesting ways to come to an abrupt halt. Or, they were the object that caused another vehicle to stop quickly.

Luckily, there were no fatalities in any of these wrecks.


The owner of this 1961 Ford Country Sedan station wagon probably wasn't crying over spilled milk, but rather the damage done to his car after a collision with a 1969 Divco milk truck in 1970. The hard impact caused the Divco to roll onto its side. (Matt McLaughlin Collection photo)


One of the most frightening road accidents is the car-meets-train collision. Snow-covered and slippery roads caused the driver of this 1960 Ford Fairlane 500 sedan to slam into the side of a Chicago Northwestern railroad car. Fortunately, the train was not moving at the time of the 1973 crash. (Matt McLaughlin Collection photo)


The front-mounted spare tire on this 1967 Ford F350 stake bed farm truck may have absorbed a lot of the force from this head-on collision with a 1958 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 Holiday hardtop. The imprint of the wheel can be seen in the Olds' bent-up hood. This 1971 accident left the Ford relatively unscathed. (Matt McLaughlin Collection photo)

WR 1973Ford Maverick2-WEB.jpg

The driver of this new 1973 Ford Maverick sedan, optioned with a vinyl top and deluxe wheel covers, could only watch in horror as this 1973 accident unfolded in front of his eyes. While stopped at a stop sign, the truck hauling this portable conveyor attempted to turn in front of the Maverick and hooked the Ford's front, tearing off its fender. The police officer responding to the accident call was also driving a Ford squad car. (Matt McLaughlin Collection photo)


Two heavy objects colliding can cause strange things to occur. This 1968 Ford F800 propane tanker collided head on with a 1970 Cadillac sedan. The impact tore out the tanker's front axle, and caused the truck to spin around sideways and tip onto the Cadillac. The 1971 crash flattened the Cadillac's roof, but left the Ford's tank bed undamaged. (Matt McLaughlin Collection photo)

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