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Where have the 83 '58 Oldsmobiles gone?

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ST. IGNACE, Mich. ' In June 1958, Oldsmobile provided 113 cars for the opening of the Mackinac Bridge, which linked the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan. Eighty-three of those vehicles were white convertibles with white interiors and special decals on the doors, and each carried a dignitary and a county queen. Today, the location of all those Oldsmobiles is unknown.

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On July 27-28, 2007, the 50th anniversary of the bridge will be celebrated, and to honor the occasion, 50 years of convertibles will be present. The only thing missing will be those 83 white convertibles from 1958 and their respective drivers, dignitaries and county queens.

Ed Reavie of Nostalgic Productions and the Mackinac Bridge 50th Celebration committee would like to fill that missing link by finding the people and cars present at the bridge's opening. Together, they are looking for more information about the opening, as well as souvenirs and promotional items presented that day. A special spot in the lineup of 50 years of convertibles is being saved for one of the original 1958 Oldsmobile convertibles, and readers who can help in locating any of the cars, people or items from the Mackinac Bridge opening are asked to contact Reavie at 906-643-8087 or ereavie@nostalgia-prod.com. Readers may also write to 268 Hillcrest Blvd., St. Ignace, MI 49781.

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