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We asked readers for pictures of their garages, and here are some great results.
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Paul Schubert from Arizona
“I started to collect Auto & Gas petroliana and other memorabilia items in 1992. I also love old cars, gas stations, junks yards and other things related to the oil industry. My first love is die-cast cars, trucks, pedal cars, airplanes and boats. I have over 1,600 of those in my collection at present. I make all my own acrylic (plastic) cases. All items are labeled with date and name of item etc. I have over 110 Danbury Mint and 100 Franklin mint models.

"All of the restoration I do myself, except for some painting.

"I have been a fan of Old Car Weekly News for more than eight years. I have used many of your vendors, chrome, car parts, paints etc. Thank you for a great newspaper!
I also have a 1950 Mercury Sport Sedan completely restored to original stock condition. I am a member of the “Prescott Antique Auto Club” here in Prescott, AZ.”

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George Gereg from Connecticut
“My garage started as a one-car garage in 1978 and I just finished my fourth addition last year. I added a new section to the front of the garage with a 12-foot ceiling so I could install a Mohawk two-post lift.

I have three cars and I collect automobilia. I own a 1938 Pontiac woodie wagon, ’56 Corvette roadster and ’50 chevy 1-ton pickup with a dump body.”

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