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1959 Ford tangles with straight-axle Corvette

Here's an incredible "Wreck of the Week" photo submitted by Old Cars Weekly reader William Swank. It's so incredible, it doesn't need a caption to go with it, but it's every writer's dream and we won't let the opportunity pass when it's published. Suffice it to say, we've all had to restrain ourselves from sharing any obvious lewd references.

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No, it's not the follow-up cover to Aerosmith's album "Pump," it's a real-world wreck from San Diego during 1960.

According to William Swank, who submitted the photo, "Rich Nelson was waiting for a San Diego traffic light to change and felt a slight bump. Apparently the driver of the '59 Ford had recently suffered a nervous breakdown and, following her release from the hospital, insisted on driving home. When she tapped Rich's Corvette, the woman panicked. Instead of applying the brake, she slammed the accelerator!

"Instantly, Rich and his passenger were surrounded by tires. His mother in Michigan learned of the accident when newswire pictures appeared in a South Bend, Indiana, newspaper. Miraculously, there was relatively little damage to the Corvette (or to Rich and his friend)."

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