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25 MPG Old Cars

As I mentioned in this blog recently, I think there is going to be a big swing in the hobby towards old cars with the best fuel economy. As gas prices rise and we start spending $60-$75 (oe more) each time we fill the tank on our old car, we're going to be forced into looking for ways to conserve fuel. Whether we like it or not, that 1947 Studebaker Champion that averages 19-23 mpg and gets 28-30 mog when driven at a nice, even pace, is going to start looking more and more appealing. While a Hemi 'Cuda might be worth a couple of million today, the Plymouth that's really going to appreciate (percentagewise) over the next few years is the short-wneelbase 1949-1951 model that used to win stock car races because it needed fewer fuel stops. Hobbyists are going to start buying, restoring and driving cars like these more and more each passing year. Since there's only so many old cars to go around, my advice is get in early. The 25-MPG old car is the hot collector's item of the future!

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