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It is only three and a half weeks until the Media Blasting seminar at Gunner’s Great Garage on June 9.

Dave Wallendal, the very knowledgeable owner of a firm called Metal Finishing Supply Co. ( of Waukesha, Wis., will come to 3G’s in Manawa to share his expertise in sandblasting, media blasting, blast cabinets and the abrasives and equipment used in this important part of auto restoration.

If you have a portable blaster or a blast cabinet in your garage or shop, you know that it’s not easy to buy abrasives and accessory equipment locally. In our area, local suppliers sell what they call “foundry dust” for blasters. It works at first, but tends to break down quickly and dirty up the inside of a cabinet. Area auto supply stores seem to know very little about blasting guns, moisture control systems, vacuums and other aspects of at-home media blasting.

A number of hobby companies sell blasting products by mail order, but shipping 50 lb. bags of abrasives across country is expensive and a lot of the products come with lousy instructions. Often you spend good money for a gun or a blast bucket or plumbing system and you don’t know what to do with it when it comes.

We bought a very large blasting cabinet with a large window, thinking that this was a good feature to have. Then we found out that NOBODY seems to sell window protection film large enough to cover the big window in the cabinet. These are the kind of “unanswerable” questions that Dave will answer.

If you are working on one old car after the other, you know how handy a good blasting system can be. When working well, a blaster will remove multiple layers of old finish very quickly and leave a nice surface finish for new paint. And blasting can clean like nothing else in a fraction of the time. On the other hand, a gun that clogs or the wrong abrasive material can cause lots of frustration.

When Dave comes to Gunner’s Great Garage he will bring both his expertise and some great products to demonstrate. In fact, I am planning to buy the equipment and supplies I need to “tune-up” my shop cabinet. So, you will be able to hear him explain the reason for each improvement he makes and watch him do the actual install. Afterwards, we should be able to see a big improvement, too.

I have invited Dave to bring along anything he wants to promote or demo for attendees so that they can see new products and make improvements to the blasting systems they already have. Anyone who wants to connect with Dave beforehand about what you might need can call him at 262-782-0555 or 800-242-6363. You can also email him at


Date: Saturday June 9, 2012

Place: Gunner’s Great Garage, E6110 Fuhs Rd., Manawa, WI 54949

Time: 9 am

Cost: Free (with free refreshments served)

RSVP: Call Gunner at 715 281 5925 to let me know you’re coming

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