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With three days to go until our next free seminar on sandblasting and media blasting cleaning up Gunner’s Great Garage is the big item on the agenda for the next three days. Working on a 1966 Pontiac 2+2 has left us with grease under the lift and large boxes and packing materials from parts orders.

Across from the Pontiac is a row of engines we’ve been working on and the stands and test units we have then set up on. Since its important to keep these clean, they all need to be moved to another location or covered up by Saturday. Moving the small Ford V8-60 shouldn’t be all that hard, but the big flathead Dodge six is another story. Before we can move it, the engine needs to be mounted into the Mobile Engine Test Station next to it.

We have also been installing 16 cabinets running the length of the shop wall on the south. This work was finished on Monday night, but we have not had a chance to clean up since then. And our Race Deck black-and-White checkered flag floor needs a good mopping.

Since this is the first time we held a seminar during car show season we do not know how big the crowd will be. Our early April oil seminar had a good turnout and so we have to have enough room to set up chairs just in case. This will mean moving the 2+2 outside to air it a bit and rolling Gene Knuson’s 1961 Daimler chassis under the lift.

The people who have come in the past are amazing and make it possible to keep the seminars going. Fred Beyer (in the sea captain hat) is well known for his “Teamed to Learn” program at the Iola Old Car Show and his program and regularly makes our seminars. So do collectors like Dave Lindsay, instructors like Dave Sarna and restorers such as Larry Fechter.

All in all, we don’t know of another restoration shop doing seminars for free on a regular basis. A few shops around the country have educational programs, but they charge a fee to attend .

Dave Wallendal, the owner of Metal Finishing Supply Co. ( of Waukesha, Wis., will come to Gunner’s Great Garage in Manawa on June 9 to share his expertise in media blasting, blast cabinets and abrasives.

When Dave comes to Gunner’s Great Garage he will bring both his expertise and some great products. I’ll be buying the equipment and supplies I need to “tune-up” my shop cabinet. Dave will explain what he’s doing, bring along products and make improvements to my blasting system.

Dave will be happy to bring blasting supplies for anyone else interested in purchasing them. Anyone who wants to connect with Dave beforehand about what you might need can call him at 262-782-0555 or 800-242-6363. You can also email him at


Date: Saturday June 9, 2012 Place: Gunner’s Great Garage, E6110 Fuhs Rd., Manawa, WI 54949 Time: 9 am Cost: Free (refreshments). RSVP: Call Gunner at 715 281 5925

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