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90 year old, '73 Catalina go six feet under

When 90-year-old Lonnie Holloway went down for a "dirt nap," he didn't go alone -- he took his 1973 Pontiac Catalina two-door hardtop and his gun collection with him.

Getting buried with a car isn't legal in every place, but apparently there are no rules against it in Saluda, S.C., where the man was buried earlier today before hundreds of onlookers. The car (and the deceased owner) were lowered into the South Carolina earth using a tow truck, but not before the deceased's friends filled the trunk with his arsenal.

There doesn't appear there was a cement tomb for the Pontiac and its owner to be encased -- just good, ol' dirt. Before it went down, the Pontiac's engine, fuel, tires and transmission were reportedly removed.

Unfortunately, it appears the green Catalina had a lot more miles to go, unlike its owner. Hopefully, the Pontiac will hold up better in the South Carolina dirt better than the 1957 Plymouth in Tulsa. At least until grave robbers dig up the car to get at the guns in the Pontiac's trunk.

For a pic, go here.

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