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A blatant plug for Hurst wheels

I will not deny my worship for all things Hurst, from the wheels to the cars and its stars (well, one female star in particular). I'm such a nerd for Hurst that I even watch for the Hurst emblem on the Jaws of Life equipment when I'm watching a sitcom. So when I found out that I could now get Hurst wheels for the new Challenger, and without buying the Hurst Challenger package, it sent me car shopping with a new zeal.

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Oh yes, I've been Challenger shopping. This scene is from Fury Motors in South St. Paul, Minn. It has more than 30 Challengers on hand!

I'd already decided that either this spring or next, I shall own a new Challenger. Nothing special, but a V-6 SE model to use every day. And I planned to add a set of the special Hurst wheels from the Hurst Challenger, no matter how I had to obtain them. However, the Hurst wheels on special-edition Hurst Challengers have gold on them, thus limiting the complementing colors I could select from. But, as of yesterday, Hurst announced its wheels were now available outside of the Hurst Challenger, and they appear to lack the gold. And I am a happy boy.

Now, I only need to look into my crystal ball to find out whether Plum Crazy will be available on Challenger SE models in 2011 to find out if it's worth my wait to 2011.


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– For the first time in Hurst company history, hot rod enthusiasts can enjoy the traditional look of Hurst wheels on their modern muscle cars, with the introduction of T1 wheels from Hurst Performance Vehicles, designed specifically to reflect the high standards Hurst is known for, while maximizing performance.

The Hurst T1 Wheel is an aluminum-alloy wheel, designed with rich Hurst Performance history in mind. Form follows function as the polished, five-spoke aluminum wheel with black anthracite centers ultimately allows for a wider tire-width, combining distinctive muscle car style with high performance. These light-weight wheels outdo their competition by reducing rotational, unsprung and total vehicle weight, allowing the enthusiast to increase acceleration as well as brake and corner with ease. To top it all off, each T1 Wheel boasts a red and black Hurst logo on its center cap, a true guarantee of quality and collectability.

Immediately available at Hurst Authorized Dealers for the Dodge Challenger, Hurst T1 wheels will pay homage to the original Hurst wheel, which was made famous in 1965. Hurst, already celebrated for its shifter, created the first two-piece modular automotive wheel.

“For enthusiasts, wheels make all the difference. We’re excited to launch the all-new T1 Wheels, which have the quality, style and a collectability factor that is expected from Hurst,” said Nate Shelton, President and Chairman of Hurst Performance. “We’re proud to re-create a part of our rich history with this modern version of the original Hurst wheel.”

The T1 Wheel will be available to current Challenger owners in 20x9 and 20x10 sizes. T1 wheels for Mustang and Camaro will be available mid-year in 2010.

Hurst T1 Wheels are sold exclusively at Hurst Performance and Hurst Authorized Dealers. Please visit for a dealer near you.

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