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A New Show That’s Bound to Grow

A lot of cars and trucks that came to Vintage Pipes & Stripes had lots of patina.

A lot of cars and trucks that came to Vintage Pipes & Stripes had lots of patina.

This first edition of an event called Vintage Pipes & Stripes was held at the Waupaca County Fairgrounds in Weyauwega, Wis., June 10-11. Aimed at the “old school” hot rod niche, the kick-off venue had a little bit of everything for everybody.

Many of the vehicles that came to the show fell into the “traditional hot rod” or “rat rod” categories. As part of the show’s ‘50s and ‘60s spirit, poodle skirts, saddle shoes and pinup girls were seen everywhere, along with a vintage trailer park featuring old camping trailers. Many of these were restored in bright or pastel colors that matched the old cars that pulled them.

The entire idea of the show was to bring the ‘50s back. The 40-acre fairground was a great place for the show. In fact, when it rained on Saturday evening, show officials made sure that every show car would be parked under cover on the grounds. The car owners genuinely appreciated that.

The show included activities for children, live bands, a vintage fashion show, vintage bicycles and an automotive swap meet. A customized 1954 Chevrolet pickup truck was raffled off to support cancer research.

People who came to the show said they enjoyed it and would like to see it grow and grow. They said that they were treated well and that they enjoyed the ‘50s concept.

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