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A Really Well-Preserved Original

It was kind of ironic that" Tulsarama" and Bloomington Gold ( took place the same weekend in June. At the Tulsa event, everyone was waiting to see what a "new" 1957 Plymouth would look like after 50 years underground. The answer is it didn't look good at all. Meanwhile, at Bloomington Gold, visitors were checking out a 1972 'Vette with four original miles that was in perfect condition. A Canadian bought the Corvette new and decided to keep it perfect. He drove the car 3.6 miles and then put it in the basement of his home. When he sold the home, he moved the car to a warehouse and kept it there 19 years without driving it. When he died in 1999, his daughter got the car. She sold it to an Indiana man who owns it now. The car is absolutely beautiful. So if you want to keep a car nice for a long time, put it in your basement -- not in a time capsule!

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