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Airflow meet in Springfield to feature Art Deco Chrysler, De Soto and Dodge truck models

Only a few hundred Airflow automobiles are believed to still exist and this week, fans of the wind-cheating Airflow models from Chrysler, De Soto and Dodge's truck line can examine some of the survivors up close and personal during the Airflow Club of America's 51st annual national meet in Springfield, Missouri, held June 25-29.

The Airflow cheated the wind like the super streamliner trains of the Art Deco era.

The Airflow cheated the wind like the super streamliner trains of the Art Deco era.

About 60 Airflow owners are expected to attend the event that includes tours, sightseeing, entertainment, seminars, a general membership meeting and the like. A public show and judging event will take place from 9 a.m.-noon June 27 at Steak n Shake, located at 1550 S. Glenstone Avenue in Springfield. The show is free and open to the public.

Airflow automobiles were manufactured by Chrysler Corp. from 1934-37. The Airflow was the first production streamlined car built in America and the year it debuted, it set 72 stock car speed records.

The Airflow’s firsts are many. It was the first car designed using a wind tunnel, the first to have all-steel construction, the first to feature unit-body construction with a safety cage bolted to the frame,the first to have the engine positioned over the front axle, and the first to accommodate three passengers in the front seat, among its many innovations. Within
a few years, virtually all of the pioneering Airflow concepts were adopted by other manufacturers. Nearly every car on the road today owes something to the Airflow.

The club is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Chrysler and De Soto Airflow automobiles and Dodge Airflow trucks.

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