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Allow Me To Spout

Kids are the key to the old car hobby
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Allow me to spout a little. This summer, while driving your old car, you may notice a phenomenon that could have a positive long-range effect on car collecting. Anyone involved in this pastime knows that a “graying” of the car enthusiasts has been a concern of clubs, hobby vendors and car show promoters for many years. The average age of car buffs is going up because the car hobbies aren’t attracting young people. Many hobby organizations like the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) and Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) have created programs to fight this trend. A number of car museums also have youth programs to try to get kids involved in automotive history. Unfortunately, despite such outstanding efforts, gray hair is the rule at car shows. But things may be changing. The animated motion picture “Cars” is the reason. During the summer of 2006, I passed a lot of young people in my old cars. In previous years, they didn't notice the old-time auto. But after the "cars" movie came out, I got waves, whistles and shouts. I think the characters in the "Cars" movie like Lightening McQueen, Sally Carrera and Tow Mater reached the kids and got them excited about cars again. If this continues, we could wind up with a whole new generation of ‘car nuts.” Everyone in the old-car hobby – especially those with hobby-related business – ought to spend a few bucks for a ticket to see the Cars movie. After all, if it’s a big success, there’s sure to be a Cars II – not to mention a Cars 13 – that will keep the kids interested in neat cars for years to come. – John Gunnell

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