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My first car was a '55 Chevy Two-Ten Del Ray two-door sedan. It was green with a white roof and had the 265-CID Small-block V-8 and Powerglide automatic transmission. I got the car from my grandfather and did not really have it very long. I had seven flat tires the week I started driving it and the tires were not tubeless. My father and I had to bleed the brakes and our attempt at a valve adjustment was terrible. I attempted some custom fiberglass body work on the car and found out that wasn't as easy as the car magazines made it sound. Eventually, the car wouldn't run anymore and I sold it for $50. That was sometime in 1968 and I have always wanted another one since. A few years ago I spotted what looked like a real decent '55 Chevy in an open garage in a small town. I took the address down and wrote a letter expressing interest in the car. I heard nothing back until last week, when a lady called me up to say she might be interes.Ted in selling the car. Naturally, I was very excited and couldn't wait to see it today. What I saw was a very nice Bel Air four-door sedan with a solid green repaint, 103,000 original miles and a six-cylinder engine with Powerglide. It was almost the kind of car I wanted, but not quite. So I guess I'll just have to put off my trip back to the future for a little while.

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