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Had a great interview about American Muscle Cars with auctioneer Dana Mecum this morning. Lately, Mr. Mecum has become known as the "King of Muscle Cars." He told me that the year, make and model of a muscle car that you buy aren't the most important things when you're investing in muscle. He said it's more important to look for an all-original, unrestored, high-quality car. "To me, a car can be repainted and still not restored," said Mecum (disagreeing a bit with my own view). He said that having what he called "good factory paperwork" was extremely important. He also recommended buying cars that noted collectors had already owned. "Always buy what you like," Mecum insisted. "Have you ever tried to sell something you don't like? It usually doesn't work." According to Mecum, "The first line is not investment; you have to look for the best example you can find of the cars that you like, within your budget." 

It's definitely hard to argue with advice like that.


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