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An album page of racing alumni

I relish old photographs. Since I wasn’t lucky enough to be alive when many of my favorite collector cars were built, I enjoy picking up vintage black-and-white photos showing the cars I enjoy when they were new and used every day.

Since my coworkers know I enjoy old photographs, they directed a coworker over to me when he brought in a photo album depicting a race course with several great machines careening around corners (and sometimes into fences). The album features many different cars, including MGs, Alfas, Jaguars and other exotic European cars thundering down straight-aways. Even a few Ford faces are spotted occasionally on the track, but the real excitement for me was the every man cars in the parking lot. New 1949 and ’50 Ford convertibles, Dodge coupes, and Chevrolet sedans are pictured, but in more instances than not, such grand cars as Lincoln Continentals and even two 15-year-old Auburn Speedsters can also be found.

Also included in the photos are views of brass-era cars performing a parade lap. The car that comes to mind from this batch is a Stutz Bearcat.

Unfortunately, the photos are not labeled, so I’m not positive on the location of the track. Maybe you can figure out where the track is and share it with me and other readers of this blog. To whet your appetite, I’ve posted a few pics from the album here. Note the SS (early Jag) that’s losing it, losin it, and then lost it, landing right into the fence, as well as the Bugatti, Alfa and the circa-1950 Cadillac dealership.

My question to you is this: What is the name of the track and where is it located? What automotive celebrities frequented this track?

If I get enough response, I’ll post a few more photos of the album, and maybe the answers I can confirm!

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