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With the changing of season here in Wisconsin, I often notice a change in the brake pressure in some of my old cars, especially the T Series MGs. When that happens it's time to take out my Reverse Brake Bleeder. Officially this time-saving tool is called the V-12 DIY Reverse Brake Bleeder and it works by removing trapped air to create a firmer pedal. This tool gives the work-at-home guy like me basically the same brake bleeding capabilities as professional technicians enjoy. You can get a brake completely bled in as little as 10 minutes. The manufacturer provides info on the tool at Basically, it allows you to reverse-bleed your brakes by pressurizing the lines at the wheel cylinders and forcing the air out of the master cylinder. This is better that the old foot-pumping hose-in-a-jar method that takes forever and sometimes seems not to work well at all. The plastic bleeder is not all that expensive, it does the job and it will save you lots of hassle and mess.

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