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Aston Martin DBS debuts at Pebble Beach

At Pebble Beach, home of the world’s most elite car show (and, apparently, an expensive round of 18 holes), Aston Martin debuted its latest hole in one. There, the company presented its new super car, the DBS, which will replace the Vanquish that ended production in July. Vanquish sales totaled 2,600 super cars.

With an expected sale price in the $268,000 range, according to a company spokesman, the new DBS’ debut on some of the world’s most valuable real estate was wholly appropriate.

Production of the DBS will begin in November and will be the first Aston Martin to make extensive use of lightweight carbon fiber. Apparently concerned with weight, Aston Martin designers even battled the pounds down to the DBS’ lightweight cabin carpet, thereby maximizing the car’s performance abilities.

Ironically, the car will feature a new electronic starting device made of glass touted as “heavy,” a reaction to customer complaints that the supercar used a traditional key, evidently a faux pas in the world of super-expensive, super-stylish automobiles.

That key will turn over a 6.0L, 500-hp V-12 backed by a six-speed transmission. Halting duties are provided by quadruple carbon-ceramic brakes.

All of these attributes are enough to hook the new DBS in supercar territory, but in the world of thick wallets and matching egos, a car has to have beauty on the outside, too. And this isn’t a player that wears plaid to the course.

“We deliver with our engines what our bodies promise,” said the spokesman.
It’s a weighty promise. Fortunately, the design of the DBS closely resembles its popular Vanquish predecessor. The traditional Aston Martin grille remains up front and the tail lamps aren’t too different in shape from the Vanquish. Between are voluptuous curves, also very similar to those of the Vanquish.

“This is a beautiful car. If you don’t see it, you don’t deserve it,” the company rep said. But even if you do deserve it, you’d better have a Master’s Cup win in your past.

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