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Automodello models Brooks Stevens' L-29 Cord in 1:24 scale

Models larger than 1:43 scale of the Cord L-29 are exceedingly uncommon, and Automodello’s fresh-off-the-line 1:24 resin-cast model of the famous Brooks Stevens L-29 is a first. It all made Automodello’s work greatly anticipated, and the product was worth every wheel spoke worth of the wait. Breaking the trance from gazing upon this model may require a pinch of the skin because the attention to detail is so good, model owners may find themselves believing they are admiring Stevens’ car on the concours field. The intricate trim is comprised of separate plated parts for the grille, handles, hinges, headlamps and other hardware. More delicate parts, such as the fin trim, hood hinge and differential cover, are composed of photo-etched pieces. In particular, the spoked wheels are marvelous, and with the aid of an eagle eye and a magnification glass, “CORD” can be read on the knock-off wheel centers.

Automodello has just released this 1:24 model of Brooks Stevens' one-of-a-kind Cord L-29 roadster.

Automodello has just released this 1:24 model of Brooks Stevens' one-of-a-kind Cord L-29 roadster.

The finish on the body and interior are likewise excellent. Brooks Stevens’ trademark white-and-black paint scheme has been sprayed to glass, and in the cockpit, Automodello has replicated the instrument panel-mounted shift handle with a plated component. The instrument panel itself captures the original’s pattern, and the upholstery has been accurately molded and capped with separate plated handles. Automodello has also incorporated the trademark features of Stevens' Cord, including its skirted front fenders, Woodlite headlamps, raked-back and split windshield and subtly reshaped rear deck split down the center with a trim-tipped fin. The doors and hood of the model do not open, but the hood panels incorporate the unique screens Stevens added to his car.

Brooks Stevens’ Cord is a one-of-a-kind, and with a maximum of only 499 models of it being built, the chance to get a model of it is almost as rare. To get behind the (scale) wheel, contact Diecasm today.

Orders are currently being fulfilled and the model is shipping. Each beautifully packaged model is priced at $299.95 and can be ordered from Diecasm at 877-343-2276 or

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