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In 1984, when the Bloomington Gold Show was about 10 years old, it started something called the Special Collection. Over 25 years, this portion of the show featured more than 500 of the rarest and fastest Corvettes ever made.

For 2009, Bloomington Gold organized the Grand Finale Special Collection. Marking a change in focus that has not yet been fully explained, the Special Collection will no longer exist. Something new honoring the "people" involved with Corvettes will start next year. CEO David Burroughs says that as details are locked in, the news of this change will be released through the hobby press.

But this past weekend, the 2009 Grand Finale exhibition marked the zenith of the Special Collection concept. It brought together the most fabulous collection of Corvettes ever seen in one place. They were grouped into three categories: Styling & Dream Cars, Competition and Calloway cars and Personality cars. The parade of these cars through the Pheasant Run Resort late on Saturday afternoon was an unbelievable, once-in-a-lifetime sight that will probably never be repeated.

Bloomington Gold continues today with the second annual SURVIVOR show for non-Corvette cars and trucks. If you are near Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, Ill., don't miss this event. It represents the future of the old car hobby as vehicles other than Vettes begin to take part in a certification process that could ultimately affect the collectibility and value of all future collector vehicles. If Bloomington Gold can successfully roll out what it did for Corvette collectors to the hobby in general, the hobby will be much different in future years.

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