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The "light snow" predicted for the Iola area on Wednesday became thick, wet, heavy stuff. When I heard it was coming, I worried about getting all of the vehicles covered. The '75 Ford F-350 tow truck I bought last summer was still out. Tuesday night I moved my '53 Catalina and '54 MG TF into the walled off and heated shop in my metal building and stacked them on the Backyard Buddy lift. I always hate giving up use of the lift in the winter, but what else can I do? A tape measure told me the boom on the tow truck would clear the smaller 8 ft door on the storage side of the building, but it did not look like it would. I had hoped to get a helper for this, but with the snow coming, I inched the truck in. Amazingly, it cleared everything but the rope on the door for non-power operation. It snagged the handle on the rope, but luckily I stopped the door just then and the only thing I had to do was manually reset the lever that the rope goes to. That night my modem died and I lost the Internet, so Wednesday we went to the shop to access the web from there. On the way home, we got halfway down the road and ran into a fallen tree that had dropped across it. An emergency call didn't bring immediate help, but a few neighbors showed up with an ATV and dragged the tree into the ditch. After that we slid carefully home and hibernated for two days. I think car shopw season is over in Wisconsin.

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