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Birds of a Feather

One nice thing about old car shows is running into people who own cars like yours. By talking to owners of similar cars, you can learn more about your own car and, if you're really liucky, you might even score a few parts you need. I own a pretty nice, mostly-original '48 Pontiac Streamliner sedan. Last weekend, at a show in Ripon, Wisconsin, I ran into a man with an even-much-nicer '48 Pontiac Streamline coupe. I truly enjoyed seeing his car. It made that show worth going to. Unfortunately, I he did not have the clip I need to fix my emergency brake. But he did give me a few leads on other '48 Pontiac owners who might have one. That made the show even more worth the trip. Maybe you can buy a few parts on eBay, but it's hard to appreciate a beautiful car or make new friends over the Internet. Only the experience of going to a show in person will provide that kind of thing.


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