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Blue Indigo

By John Gunnell

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Ken Nimmock’s classy-looking ’37 Chevy is a knock-out beauty.

The car was way different than the ’57 Olds of my past, but the color was remarkably the same and just as pretty as I remembered it.

When I was a kid growing up in South Beach, on Staten Island, N.Y., there was a hot rod club called The Drifters. Some of them belonged to a singing group called the Elegants that hit big with a song called “Little Star.” As a result, there were some really nice cars in the club. Moby Dick was a white Pontiac hardtop with Tri-Power owned by lead singer Vito Picone. “Misty” was a silver ’58 Bonneville with bubble skirts and a continental kit. “Wild One” was a maroon Shoebox Ford with yellow scallops all over it. Blue Indigo was the cleanest-looking ’57 Olds hardtop you ever saw.

Ken Nimmocks’ '37 Chevy coupe was made 20 years before Blue Indigo and is a totally different style of car except for a few very important things. First, there’s the super clean look that Ken shot for when he restyled the car. Second, there’s the wheel and tire treatment, which is classy and simple. Third, there’s that same rich, dark blue hue that Blue Indigo was known for.

If I could only have two cars in my collection I would pick Blue Indigo and her earlier cousin owned by Nimmocks. They both look so classy and true to form. And the color is like no other.

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