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When I travel I wish I was home and when I'm home for a few weeks, I wish I was traveling. The hobby gets slow down at this time of year, but Chevy Vettefest at the Rosemont Convention Center is a welcome weekend of fun and excitement in a slow down month. Scheduled for November 22 and 23, this Bow Tie Bash is anxiously awaited by car fans (and not just Chevy fans) from Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota and other parts of the country. Promoter Bob Ashworth has invited me down to Chicagoland again to sign copies of my latest book MUSCLE CAR THE ART OF POWER at his event and I'm looking forward to meeting some of you there. I also hear that Jerry Heasley, who took the photos for the book, is going to be in town with Miss Peggy Sue, the gal who inspired the rock-and-roll song. So why not stop by to say hello and see a fantastic Chevy and Corvette show? 

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