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Buck is back!

I was hoping to write a blog entry as Buck's hood was cooling from the return trip from Back to the 50's, but I'm having a hard time catching up with the phone calls, e-mails and, of course, getting Old Cars Weekly ready!

I want to thank everyone who stopped to say "Hello" at Back to the 50's. The show was great with perfect weather, a gigantic 11,500 cars in attendance and plenty of old and new favorites to drool over.

Cars that really stood out to me this year included a 1958 De Soto convertible in gold (very tasty looking!) and the rat-rodded, chopped, rusted, lowered, sectioned, Z-ed and everything else-ed machines at this year's event. I like old-school, low-buck hot rods (even if the treatment is done to high-buck 'Henry tin' Deuces), but these cars are so low to the ground that they are as driveable as a Radio Flyer strapped to the bumper of a grocery getter at 70 mph. The driver's head sticks out of the roof in a way that would make CARtoonist George Trosley think he was living in a parallel universe of his own creation. I love George's work, but let's keep that look to the comic books, people. What do you think about these creations?

I was also happy to see several of my old favorites: a jet black 1957 Chevy Two-Ten Sport Coupe that is said to be in the hands of its original owner, who once drag raced the car, and a Harbor Blue and Larkspur Blue1957 Chevy Two-Ten Sport Coupe. These cars area always at the show, and I love seeing them every year. In fact, I count on it. I hope to catch up with the owner of the black car, but I've never seen the owner of the car. I hear my uncle knows one of the owner's friends, so I hope to catch up with the ebony Two-Ten for a future story in Old Cars Weekly.

While at Back to the 50's, I also drooled over several 1957 Oldsmobiles. I think I am going to sell my rusty one and concentrate on restoring my rusty '55 Cadillac, but you can bet my next collector car is going to be a '57 Oldsmobile Golden Rocket 88 Holiday gold!

If you missed Buck at Back to the 50's, be sure to swing by the Iola Old Car Show. The vendors aren't in the gates yet, but the tents are up, the fences are up and Iola is nearly quivvering with excitement for the big show. Buck is already set up next to the Ultimate Garage and Krause Book tent near the tower, so say "hello" while you register to win in the Ultimate Garage giveaway!

I also hope to publish some photos of the show grounds as the vendors start to pour in, so stop back for some pix!

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