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Cadillac: GM’s Marque of Excellence

By John Gunnell

While attending the Cadillac & LaSalle Club’s recent convention in Brookfield, Wis., I was struck by the fact that so many cars in the show were unrestored originals in nearly perfect condition. This made it clear that people still consider a Cadillac to be GM’s Marque of Excellence.

It is still a special experience to purchase a Cadillac. Not everyone can have the pleasure of owning
a car with the Cadillac brand. And to a very large degree, those who get into that realm usually show their appreciation by taking exceptional care of their Cadillac.

OC Blog 215

Like-new ’75 Cadillac sedan at the Cadillac La Salle Club meet.

Pictured here is a 1975 Cadillac Sedan de Ville that was at the meet. The car belongs to Randy D. Manus of Ridott, Ill. This was a display only car for the meet. It was not to be judged. However, the car was a Preservation Award candidate. This car was like a brand new 1975 Cadillac.

The car was not a convertible or even an Eldorado. It was not a two-door hardtop. It was not a limousine. It was a mid-1970s four-door sedan, but it stood out at the show like a Classic Cadillac in a concours d’ elegance. It was very close to a flawless 40-year-old automobile.

Someone cherished this Cadillac. They washed it and polished it. They changed oil regularly. They rotated tires and did all the other little things that it takes to maintain a car in like-new condition. They understood that a Cadillac is more than just a car... it’s a marque of excellence.

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